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Potluck Joy

After a few minutes, we changed questions. Then we changed tables. Then we set everyone loose to choose to visit someone they wanted to get to know better. The results were astounding. People wouldn't stop for the next question. They wanted to visit. It was so loud it was like a hive of bees in nectar flow. As I looked around no one was silent. What a success! Community building is a long process, but we are off to a great start.

Sunday we had a potluck plus. Food was fantastic, wonderful and plentiful. The plus was conversation afterward. Why? What was different? At potlucks we usually sit with those we know. Only natural. Everyone everywhere does it. We gather with those familiar. This past Sunday we did a new thing. We plotted and planned to get folks out of that comfort zone. We did it with a very low key and simple process. We asked that each person talk to the person across from them using the starter questions like...where were you born? where did you go to high school? what was your first church community? what is one thing you don't know about me?

~ Pastor Charles