First United Presbyterian Church
1717 Highwood Ave.
Pekin, IL 61554


First United Presbyterian Church located in Pekin, Illinois, is a Christ-focused community of faith. We commit ourselves to becoming a worshiping, welcoming, witnessing congregation - one that is devoted to sharing the good news of God's redeeming love, and serving our Savior through all we are and all we do.

In His wisdom and by His grace, Jesus Christ has called us to be a vital, living and growing part of his church. Our Living Lord is the source of our life and our reason for being, and it is only as we are united to him that we become all that He wants us to be.


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ at Pekin,

I am your new interim pastor. I have done lots of things in my life. The most significant for you are my many years on COM (Committee on Ministry), working with churches seeking pastors. I have experienced trials and tribulations, but far more successes along with in-depth learnings. Churches have an opportunity during this time to look deeply at their past, and to listen to God for their future. The harder that churches work on this process of discernment, the more likely they will discover God's intentions. When a community of faith finally arrives at a statement of who we truly are, and what God is calling us to do, the future will begin with creative possibilities abounding.

~ Pastor Charles Cunningham